Evalutation error

Evaluation Comments:
Q1: FAIL train.csv wasn't loaded properly AssertionError : 'prices_df' doesn't have the expected number of rows & columns

Hello, I was also rated FAIL due to “FILE NOT LOADED PROPERLY”. I checked the csv file and it had the correct rows and columns. It was shown in my output cells. I’m not sure why I received a FAIL mark

I will say once again (and as many others have already said):

Don’t modify prices_df dataframe.
Leave it as is for the purposes of the assignment. It should have 1460 rows and 81 columns.
You may play with it around on your own, but don’t do it in the assignment.

In your case you’re adding some categorical columns:
Which causes the prices_df to have a new columns, increasing total count of them to 124.

They changed my assignment status from FAIL to PASS. I guess something was overlooked when it was checked.

As we were evaluating the assignments, we saw a lot of notebooks were failing due to some missing columns in prices_df. As this was a minor issue and didn’t had any major effect to other questions of the assignments, we decided to relax the criteria a bit and PASS the assignments which were only failing due to the prices_df issue.