Extension of course projects's deadline

hello, @aakashns can you please extend the course project’s due date


Can anyone help with this. I’m trying to drop all rows with ‘International’ and 'World" in the ‘location’ column.

use “!=” to instead of “==”, Probably You may get it,
Give it a try.

I am doing this course along with my full time job. I don’t think any extension is required for the course project. A week is enough to revise the lecture and All assignments and exercises. Weekends can be utilized fruitfully for the same.

Please extend the project deadline we want it to be effective and efficient and that requires time…see if it is possible @aakashns


Please understand that everyone is different. There may be learners who have a full time job and are doing fine (like yourself) or others who are juggling multiple jobs, have children to deal with which is equivalent to numerous full time jobs. Please be understanding of others situation. Thank you :slight_smile:


Please extend the Assignment 2 deadline as most of us are preparing for our semester exams.

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