Failed jovian test cases, #15,#20,#21,#23,#24

def multiply_optimized(poly1, poly2):
n = max(len(poly1),len(poly2))

if n == 1: #recursion base condition
    return multiply_basic(poly1,poly2)

(A0, A1), (B0, B1) = split(poly1, poly2)
Y = polymulti1(add(A0,A1),add(B0,B1))
U = polymulti1(A0,B0)
Z = polymulti1(A1,B1)

second_c = increase_exponent(sub(sub(Y,U),Z),n//2)
second_and_third_sum = add(second_c,increase_exponent(Z,2*(n//2)))
product = add(U,second_and_third_sum)
return product

i’d like to know what kind of outputs are expected. For example, if an empty list is given what should my output be? and are there anything else that i should know?

In case either poly1 or poly2 is empty we need to return an empty list [].

thank you kindly for your respond sir