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Hi everyone? I have realized that in the public profile the public can access even previous versions of the notebooks and your recent activity table. Is there a way past version and recent activity can be made private.So that you only remain with the latest version and certification in the featured section.

  1. Go to your notebook.
  2. Locate “Settings” button/tab.
  3. You have an option to archive currently selected version.

Thanks, saw that. It means that If I have about 300 versions and want to retain only the 300th version I will have to archive all the other versions one by one?Is there a single click option to archive multiple notebooks?

Clicking on the version should show the option for “Compare versions”

You can choose the specific version by selecting it. To do so you have to hover over the left side of the table.

I would suggest selecting all versions (hovering over the left to the table header) and then deselect the versions you would like to keep.

You can then archive all selected versions at once.

@Sebgolos Many thanks, done.