Feedback requested for Covid19 Predictive Modeling Project

Hello All,
I have set up a project for Covid19 and currently aim to achieve the following objectives:-

  1. Track and Analyze Daily Cases, Daily Recoveries, and Daily Deaths in India
  2. Track and Analyze various parameters such as Daily Positivity Rate, Daily Recovery Rate, Daily Fatality Rate, Growth Rate of Active Cases, and so on
  3. Create models to predict the Daily Confirmed Covid Cases

The project is a work in progress and right now I have been able to create a simple linear regression model that attempts to predict daily confirmed cases. Following is the link to the google collab notebook:

It would be really helpful for me if you can provide your feedback/suggestions/ comments so that I can keep improving my work. The comments feature has been enabled for the notebook.
Thank you!


I am Stuck on 2nd Cell…

Sorry… this is fixed now. You can run the notebook

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It’s really a very Nice Project, You can add some explanations in the notebook
Ex: While prediction, decreasing the total number of Active Cases decreases the daily confirmed number too, or if testing is increased the daily_confirmed cases increase too and Upload it as Jovian Notebook and share the link here, it would be helpful/easy for others to view this notebook.

Thank you so much for the feedback.
I will create a jovian notebook shortly and incorporate your suggestions

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I have created a jovian notebook for this project and it can be viewed at:
ekartik/covid19-analysis-predictions - Jovian

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