[Fixed] Jovian commit from Kaggle kernel is creating empty notebook

The same happened to me also y’day after committing all my updates. And earlier today while I tried accessing it to finish the assignment , all of the data was gone and there was just an empty notebook.
Now i have to start from scratch. This is really disappointing as it really discourages oneself from using jovian and completing the assignments

@gsailesh can you describe a bit more about “the comments are displayed as junk (?) characters”?

@niranjan-jyothi Apologies for the bad experience. The issue has been resolved.
Kaggle keeps you working draft and you should be able to recover your last changes: https://www.kaggle.com/notebooks/?sortBy=dateRun&group=profile&pageSize=20

Please refer to this for more info:

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Thanks Sid!

It’s fine now. Strange that I could see garbled characters only at the commented portions.


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I am getting this error while doing assignment 2

No module named ‘torch’

Don’t know, how to proceed further.

@vjvandana you would need to install pytorch. You can find installation command here: https://pytorch.org/

P.S. please use relevant topic

I’m unable to commit it goes to an endless loop. Please guide me.