[Free Webinar] How to Land your First Data Science Job? Live AMA with Nishant Poddar, Data Engineer at Solita

:briefcase: Cracking your first Data Science Job could be a hard, confusing, and overwhelming process which is why we are excited to bring this live AMA with Nishant Poddar, Data Engineer at Solita who will take you through his journey of how he landed his first data science job!

:zap: Watch the recording here: https://youtu.be/KZf2mRNGA4w

:date: Date: Thursday, April 29 at 9:00 PM IST

The session will be held over Youtube and the recording will be available for you to watch later.

:speech_balloon: Here are some of the questions that he will answer:

β€’ Can share your background?
β€’ What got you interested in data science?
β€’ What do you do as a data engineer? What tools & technologies do you use?
β€’ Can you briefly talk about your journey of becoming a data engineer?
β€’ How was Jovian helpful in your journey?
β€’ What advice would you give to someone looking to find their first data science job?

:microphone: About the speaker

Nishant Poddar is a Data Engineer in Solita. He is currently based out of Estonia. He has 5+ years of work experience in diverse software engineering and IoT roles before he made his career transition to Data Science. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from VTU and a Masters Degree in Software Engineering from the University of Tartu.

:question: We are collecting questions before the session that we will prioritize before the live chat questions. You can post your questions for the speaker on this thread and we will make sure to share them with him.

Hey everyone :wave: Do post any questions you have for the speaker on this thread and we will prioritize them over the live stream questions. Don’t forget to register for the event (link in description above)


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