Future Kaggle Competitions Thread

This thread is meant for teaming up and informing about new Kaggle competitions.

You can post here about new competitions and request for teaming up for future competitions.


Has anybody been contemplating taking part in Cornell Birdcall Identification competition?

I wished to take part in that competition, but since audio classification is a bit advanced for me, I decided to back off.

SIIM-ISIC Melanoma Classification and Global Wheat Detection have already started, so I thought to wait for a new competition.

And a new, fresh competition has been launched: OSIC Pulmonary Fibrosis Progression! :tada:

If you are deciding to participate in the newly-launched competition, do checkout my work here: https://www.kaggle.com/aadhavvignesh/visualize-scan-by-video-dicom-files-metadata-eda

Looking forward for more interested people in this thread. :smile:


Hey, I already take part in wheat detection. Fibrosis is a bit tricky in regards to file formats for sure but sign me in :slight_smile:

Dealing with DICOM images was interesting, building a model on this dataset still seems trivial.

I’ll consider participating in this competition if I feel that I can make good models. I will notify if I participate in the future. :blush:

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What do DICOM images mean?

Hey, I am interested in participating in Fibrosis challenge. But right now i am trying out the google landmark competition. I will most likely start working on Fibrosis in about a month. If any one is interested in teaming up with me do reach out to me on LinkdIn

I am interested. Kaggle username vishnurapps