Got stucked at binder

when i clicked on run with binder new window poped up and its being 20 min its just showing a message creating repository but stuck at this step unable to proceed further

Same thing happened with me. Here is the solution - if it takes more than 1-2 minutes, just close it. Go to your jovian project, run on binder once again. It’ll work.

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still doesn’t work. i have tried many, its not opening and there is no build logs also .

Hi! Were you able to find a solution to this issue? I am having the same exact problem. When I try to run using binder it is taking forever to load and I receive an error message as well!

just try it on colab by giving authorisation.

Thanks! I ended up figuring it out by using Google Collab and uploading it instead.

Hi Community Folks, I am stuck on

Capture and upload a snapshot

jovian.commit(project=project_name, privacy=‘secret’, evironment=None)…

Does it takes several minutes to run? I am unable to rum my code beyond this line.

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If Binder is not working, then close it and then open it. It might work. Else you use an alternative like Google Colab or Kaggle. Google Colab will also give you brief descriptions about the reserved keywords, in-built functions etc. if you just hover the cursor over it.

Same here, I tried to run it on all three environments and this code took too long to respond on all three.

I figured that I needed to press ‘enter’ once I enter the api. And then run rest of the command. It worked after that…I hope this helps.

Yes it worked, thanks! It was really uncomplicated indeed.