Help me understand function error

def odd ():
for i in odd:
if i % 2 == 1:
print (i)
Here I am trying to take an input of numbers from user and then print if that is an Odd number, but getting errors, can someone please help me to understand what I am doing wrong here, first thing I am getting name ‘odd’ is not defined.

When you do def odd() it creates or defines a function with the name odd.

Now in that function,
When you do for i in odd: it starts a loop for variable odd which you haven’t defined or initialized.

For your code odd is probably a list of numbers, so you can define it like:

def odd():
  odd = [2,4,5,6,7,13,45,66,78,79,89,98]    # Random list of numbers assigned to variable odd

  for i in odd:  # Command to loop through the list odd one by one starting from index [0]

    if i%2==1:   # Condition to check if the number in the list odd is odd

To call or activate the function you would have to do odd().

This will print the numbers the odd numbers in the list odd.

But to implement the func() on list from user you would have to define it as a parameter for the function.

def odd(odd):  # odd {inside the()} is a parameter/argument required for the func. 
  for i in odd:  
    if i%2==1:

now you can pass the user-generated list as an argument for the function odd.

user_list = [2,4,5,6,7,13,45,66,78,79,89,98]

This will also print out the odd statements.