Histograph vs bargraph and groupby plotting

Hi all,
please enlighten me on the following:

  1. a histograph looks just like a bar chart, so what is the difference between plotting the data using bar graph vs histograph?

  2. when using groupby on a dataframe, example: df.gropby(df.age)[‘name’].count().plot.bar(); what is being used to plot the bar chart? is it matplotlib or seaborn? how do I set the fontsize, legend details etc if the bar graph is plotted this way?

I don’t know what is histograph so I’m assuming its same as histogram.

  1. Histogram can be used for continuous data. Say ages ranging from 0 to 100 and if you have 10 bins each bin will have 10 consecutive years. Whereas bar chart is used for categorical data.
  2. Neither sns or plt, you are using pd 's inbuilt plotting functionality here.