How much time does the course project evaluation takes?

I have submitted the course project few days ago but its still in pending status.

How much time does it takes for the verification.

I have been waiting around a week in my case.

Are you still waiting or is it verified now.

Not waiting anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

means the case study which we have submitted is never goono evaluated!!

That’s a weird conclusion.

It means that I have already received a grade.

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Hello @akshaysh212, welcome to the forum, and apologies for the delay. When you submit multiple times only the latest submission is evaluated. Your latest submission is on the 21st and all other notebooks which were submitted prior to yours will get evaluated first. Nevertheless, we try to evaluate within 2-4 days of submission but it also depends on the total submissions made.


Thanks @birajde for the insights.

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