How to commit or save to Jovian from Goolgle Colab?

We have a working version of supporting jovian.commit from Google Colab, this was the most requested feature from our previous course, any feedback or suggestions on this would be helpful.

How to jovian.commit from Google Colab?

Step 1: Create a jovian notebook or use a existing project

  • To create a notebook click on New Notebook on your profile. You can also use the “Upload Notebook” option or “Duplicate” and existing notebook.

    Step 2: Run on Colab
  • Once you add new notebook or visit a existing notebook, you’ll be able to run it. Click Run on Colab

    Step 3: Integrate Goolge Drive to Jovian
  • A modal would pop up, choose Authorize and Run on Colab(only this process supports jovian.commit), this would take to you to a page when your integrate Google Drive with Jovian only for the first time. Authorize with the required Google Email ID
  • All the notebooks that you run will be saved on your drive under the email id that you authorize and the same file is picked up while committing back.
  • After successful authorization you’ll be redirected to the Colab page which is private and only the authorized email id has the permissions to view/edit it.
    Step 4: Executing cells on colab
  • We have embedded first cell which has all the necessities required for jovian.commit to work including installation. Please retain this cell and run it.
  • You can carry forward with other cells after this
    Step 5: jovian.commit
jovian.commit(project="python-pandas") # project parameter is required enter a existing or a new project to create
  • That’s it this is how it works, we will be working on making this process more simple.

What to do if you already have Colab notebook and want to commit it ?

Why jovian.commit on Local Jupyter, Binder, Kaggle is simple than Colab?

  • Colab uses thier own version of notebook and have restrictions on file usage, so we need a integration with Google Drive to pick the file.
  • All Colab notebooks are files under your Google Drive

Is it okay to give file permissions to Jovian?

  • Yes, we only ask for permission to write new files and have access to edit the files that we create. So we don’t have access to any other files on your Google Drive.
  • All the files that we create are the notebooks that you do Run on Colab
  • We have a parent directory named Jovian you can delete this if you’re running out of space. Or delete more specifically inside this directly, you’ll find folders username/notebook-project

I think there is problem with Google Colab. I tried myself too many times.

I suggest that you should try to open an Incognito mode in your browser and try again with Binder. Some ad-block and extensions might have blocked your connection to Binder. Good luck.

Hey @kietphan112, can you please share the issue with Run on Colab? We will try to resolve that.