How to deal With name Columns for Machine Learning?

Hii Everyone,

How Can i work With the name Columns in this dataset ??

Another Question is how Can i move my Jovian Notebook that i made on binder to github

What do you mean when your saying “work with name columns”? Your question it’s related with feature engineering? If it’s that the case, you can create new features (columns), by joining or combining some of the existing ones, for example “sibsp” and “parch”, to see if the person was traveling alone or with someone else, and how many were their companions.

Yes, you can open that notebook on colab and save it on github easily.

@maxidiazbattan my Question is Should I convert the name columns in numeric Values or Simply didn’t considered as input while trainig the model as it contain 891 unique Categories

You don’t have to do anything with the name of the columns, sklearn deals with it without any problem.

Hey, I think you can remove the “Names” column while training, cause it’s really not necessary. I mean what conclusion can you draw from a Name? The only thing that I can think of is their family name(Surname), which could mean the family they belonged to or how many members they had in their family. But again, you have the sibling/spouse(sibsp) and parent/child(parch) column for the same. So you can remove the “Names” column for training.

Thanks that’s what I asking for .

My another question is how can I move my jovian notebook that I made online like on binder or collab to github .??

First download your files and .ipynb document from the Jovian server. Go to your git-hub profile, make a new repository, give it a relevant name and upload your files. Or if you know how to use git commands, you can push it from your device only.