How to get function name from an imported module?

how can we know which function is in which module so that we can use it . please help?

Hi Lakshay,

If I got your question correctly, you are looking for a function name from modules.

There are two basic types of function in python:

  1. Built-In Functions: Part of python language
  2. User-Defined Function: Created by the user using the “def” keyword


  1. To List All Built-In functions in python:

     for ele in __builtins__.__dict__:

You may refer list here as well:

  1. To get the function name from a imported module:

    a) Get the docs on all the functions:
      $ help(module_name)
    b) List the names of all the functions and variables:
      $ dir(module_name)

Hope it helps!

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thanks for your response…
but how can i know as like os module we have so how many functions it has or whats its user how can i get that as there are many other modules we have so how can i import or use them?
that’s my question is? please help

to know about how many or what functions are there in a module, there are two options ,

  1. For most of the great modules like numpy , pandas , os there must be a documentation or github repo you can go throught that online , just search for the function online and you will get a site like
  2. Simply import your module/ package in Jupyter Notebook and type the following command …

Using the help command you can get the documentation of most of the functions or packages , but sometimes it is not clearly written so you might have to surf the net, other than that help command is pretty awesome.
here is an example of what I said

Hope I was of help , Thank You.

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