How to Install NumPy with Python

Hello All, I am new in this community and I don’t know how to install NumPy with python distribution. I am using windows and already install package manager but I don’t know the proper step bt step installation process. Can anyone tell me how to install it?

Hey, the easy method to install it would be to download Anaconda, If you download Conda Numpy and Pandas and few other important libraries will be come loaded with it.

If you want to install numpy manually you can follow the steps given below,

  1. Open command prompt from the start menu.
  2. Type pip --version and hit Enter, If you see a version of pip continue to the step 4 else follow step 5
  3. If pip version is not detected follow Method 2 of the link to add pip to your System Variables.
  4. After you successfuly verify that pip is detected by the command prompt type the following command pip install numpy and hit Enter to install numpy.

Hope this helps, If you still face any error reply to this thread and do share a screenshot of what problem you are facing.
Thank You.

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Thanks, it is very useful to me. I have checked this post matrix multiplication python as well where I have found some step like:

PC easily installs NumPy by following these simple steps:

With Python Wheels:

  1. You require Python on your system.
  2. If you are using Windows, add Python to the PATH environment variable.
  3. Install a package manager, such as pip (done to ensure that you can use Python’s open-source libraries.
  4. Download (NumPy Wheel) and navigate through to the folder (on your PC) that stores it.
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Yup that might be one way to do it.