How to know which algorithm you should use which model you should use?

Can anyone help me? for eg, we are a machine learning engineer at let’s say ABC company and you get a task so on what basis you should decide that ya! I have to use this this algorithm how you decide for which problem you should use which algorithm, and I’m clear about that when we want to predict continuous value we should use linear regression, and if we want to go for 0,1 or we can say YES, NO we should go for logistic regression. but there are some different problems so how we can decide which algorithm we should use?

Hey @mahimathakur842, welcome to the forum.
At first you have to know about what type of problem it is, then you can try all algorithms possible for the corresponding type of problem. It’s all about trying and experimenting with the data.


Ok, sir Thank you! But I want to say this platform is best to get started with machine learning because the sessions are very informative and easy to understand.

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Glad to know you liked our courses, Thanks for the kind comment!

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