How to Normalize data from a csv file?

How do I normalize the data from a csv file?

I did it this way:

def customize_dataset(dataframe_raw):
    dataframe = dataframe_raw.copy(deep=True)
    # drop some columns
    dataframe = dataframe.drop(['longitude', 'latitude'], axis=1)
    for col in ['housing_median_age', 'total_rooms', 'total_bedrooms', 'population', 
                'households', 'median_income' ,'median_house_value']:
        # normalizing incoming data
        dataframe[col] = (dataframe[col] - min(dataframe[col])) / (max(dataframe[col]) - min(dataframe[col]))
    return dataframe

dataframe = customize_dataset(dataframe_raw)

There are several other normalization methods, logic is the same.
You can also write it in a more elegant way.

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