How to submit assignment in zero to pandas course?

anyone can guide me ?

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Hey @gunjan01aggarwal
Suppose that you want to submit Assignment-1 of “Data Analysis with Python: Zero to Pandas”

  • So you simply open Your notebook on Jovian…
    For your case that would be Your Assignment

  • Now Copy this notebook’s link and paste in the Notebook Link (Required) setion above Submit Button on this page Submit Assignment 1

  • Now Simply click Submit

Most Probaby you will get the result Instantly…but if not, don’t worry you will get it within 24 hours…


I tried as you told. but it said its an invalid url. Actually I have done assignment using colab notebook. when i copy the url and paste where it required . after it said me invalid url.

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Hey again @gunjan01aggarwal

I am guessing you are pasting the link of the notebook that is running…that is…you are opening your notebook in jovian and then you are running this notebook by using run on Colab and then you are copying the link…This is Wrong

You have to copy the link of the Jovian Notebook where you actually see a snap-shot of the notebook…
the link looks something like this{your user name}/{your notebook name}

Also if you can’t understand all that…
Just go ahead and right click on the Your Assignment link that I’ve posted in the previous post and then click copy link address
Now paste this link in the assignment submission page…

This would definitely work…Good Luck


I already uploaded my assignment but thank u replied my query.
At the starting time , I wasn’t getting how all this being done.But now i’m got it.

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