How to upload a CSV containing Dataset?

instead of downloading the csv data using a url.retrieve, if I want to upload a csv which has the data set, how to achieve this? without losing the file everytime you close the binder

You can upload to your jovian notebook using jovian.commit(outputs=['yourdata.csv'])

@haaikraai I saw your response to upload jovian notebook using jovian.commit(outputs=['yourdata.csv']) and tried it. It didn’t work for me while the problem still persists. How does one save the uploaded file to the note book so I don’t have to upload it every time I open the notebook??

The commit command uploads the files to your profile. It is basically a save command just over a network.

Can you please give more details @clb130? Definitely error messages, does your notebook itself get commited and a screenshot would be nice as well.

Thank you for replying. Yes, the notebook itself gets committed because I can see the changes when I go back. Just the uploaded file won’t stay.

Here’s the 1st s-shot of the uploaded dataset: north_america_data.csv

after I worked on the project saved it with jovian.commit() as well as jovian.commit (outputs = [‘north_america_data.csv’] and it still won’t save the file to the notebook. Here’s the 2nd s-shot after the save:

here’s the jovian.commit s-shot