How to upload all additional files at once along with committing jupyter notebook

is there any way to write jovian.commit(files=[]) so that it uploads all the files without mentioning the name of all files?

I think you can code this up yourself with os.listdir(). You need to take care of excluding some files though (notebook file probably, some venv files if present, checkpoints).

Your idea might not work as expected though. There’s an additional argument named outputs which does basically the same thing.
Never used this, so no idea if the files considered an output will be treated differently by jovian platform or not. You might want to make a files and outputs directory, and use them along with listdir to get the value for argument automatically.

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My jovian.commit is getting stuck here. Although it saves the work but I have to restart the kernel and rerun all the code to be able to proceed.
I am working on some data which has been downloaded from opendataset repository.

Hi @ashish6552, this can happen if there are lots of files in your binder folder. We will push a fix for this and let you know.

Yes, that’s the case indeed.
Thanks a lot.