How to upload CSV file on

Every time I run my project I have to upload the csv manually using the Jupyter’s GUI.

df = pd.read_csv(“Development.csv”)

But while submitting the project how the dataset should be uploaded so that the notebook will run smoothly without giving error “No such file or directory: ‘’” ?

How the Notebook will run end to end without uploading the dataset ? Is there a site where I can place my dataset and access it in my notebook?


Open the project notebook in Jovian. Click on ‘Files’. On the left side you will find an upload button. Load all the required csv files.


Loading the csv files by ‘+ Add an Environment File’ (just next to upload files) is the best.

Thank you very much

i"m able to get the file permanently now

Hi Prabin,

After you have uploaded the CSV files into your jupyter notebook,
You might want to execute the following command everytime you save that notebook.

jovian.commit(files=['your_csv1.csv', 'your_csv2.csv'....])

where you replace the list with the list of your actual csv files names.


Unfortunately, though, the files parameter allows to upload only specific types of data such as CSV and .py, and image files such as PNGs and font files are not among them.

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THank you for the heads up.

When I uploaded the csv to the , the csv was available on the binder .But when logged off and login the next day it was not present.

I will try this and let you what is the result.

Thanks again for reminding me