Html download not possible

Im not able o download an html file into my Jupyter/Jovian/Binder files_Sources

My Code (simple urllib:
import urllib.request
urllib.request.urlretrieve(‘SEC FORM 13-F Information Table’,

Describe what happens when you try to run this code.

This works for me,

import urllib.request

Can you describe what is the error you are facing?

the file doesn’t appear in my Jovian Proejct Notebook_Files
I run it on Binder and I saved in my Jovian Notebook but it doesnt appear.

Maybe xml files are not allowed?


You have to explicitly state which files you would like to have uploaded along with your notebook.

You can do so by using files argument of jovian.commit() function:

jovian.commit(..., files=["nazwa.xml"], ...)

To add to this, you can save this file as an HTML file and upload it as HTML file i.e,
jovian.commit(..., files=["nazwa.html"], ...)

This Error I get during saving proccess…with .xml and .html any further idea? thanks a lot for your support
[jovian] Error: File upload failed: (HTTP 400) Invalid filename or extension (myfile.xml)

You need to be sure that the file downloaded by urllib has the same name (and extension) you provide to files argument.

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It seems we currently don’t have support to upload HTML or XML file to files or there is some issue here, I will refer this back to the team, thanks for informing. In the meantime, you can still upload these files on the outputs section of the jovian notebook.


thanks birajde / thanks Sebgolos,
so I dont have tomatoes on my eyes :slight_smile:

I will use the workarround with the output section meanwhile


This might be intentional by the team too, as HTML/XML are output files we can get from a project or notebook.