I am getting fail grade in assignement 1 in Q7

This is fourth time i am submitting assignement. Every time i am getting fail grade. Though my code is working fine i dont understand why are they giving me fail grade.
I have posted this problem mañy times in discord, but neighter you are giving me pass grade nor you are telling what is wrong in my code. Though code is giving correct output i dont understand why i am getting failed.hope it will get solve. @jovian plz help me with this problem its been 12 days i am working on stuck in this assignement

This is my code

and this is my output

This is the comment i am getting

Here it is saying that encoded cols must contain only 0 ans 1.
And in following code you see that my each rncoded cols contain only two unique values which are 0 and 1. Then also why are you giving me fail grade agaon and again.

Hey Please can you share your notebook link…
Moreover why are you doing .fillna('Unknown') while encoding the data…and also ensure that you have to disturbed the dataset by any other encoder…because you are importing LableEncoder but I don’t know if you are using it or not

Hey @pranitanap3 as said on discord, we are looking into the issue. We will let you know soon, don’t worry about the deadlines you can proceed with the next part of the course. We will surely try our best to solve your issue.

Thanks i get a pass grade in assignement.

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