I can not submit my work

I can not submit assignment 2 because the platform told i don not have Jivian Notebook link.

Hi @bdjibeyrou, you will need to upload your notebook on your Jovian profile, either using jovian.commit or using the “Upload” button from your profile.

https://mybinder.org/v2/git/https%3A%2F%2Fjovian.ai%2Fapi%2Fgit%2F48a3164311c945628d7053812c1ce869_15.git/a6696d9684d6e695fe2b4fc98896beaf789e40c7 is not a valid Jovian Notebook link

this is the error. Please i need your help

Please download your notebook file from Binder and upload on your Jovian profile and use that link for submission.

When you run jovian.commit, a copy of your notebook is automatically saved in jovian. All you have to do is either copy the link in the browser or click Share and copy the link of the notebook. This will get your notebook in the required mode and you have to upload in this format as mentioned by Aakash.

Hi @bdjibeyrou, you can use the jovian.commit(your-assignment-name) . Then it will ask an API key, which give and your notebbok will be commited to Jovian.

Thank you very much.