I need the solution of Question 3 Assignment 1

I would like a full explanation and i need to brush up my basics too.

There’s only one target column in this assignment → the house price.

Thanks man. But I’m not able to solve this part.

How to not include the Id and SalePrice??

I think the line
is causing the error.
You have not defined prics_df_del …
perhaps you meant to type prices_df.del
But that is also incorrect.
Try using the drop method of a pandas dataframe. Plenty of examples on-line

You have a typo.

prices_df_del not prics_df_del.

The best you can do is to use pandas functionality of drop to drop the columns (Id and SalePrice) you don’t need for instance
input_col = list(price_df.drop(subset =[‘Id’, ‘SalePrice’]).columns)