I want to dowmload binder notebook but this is show 500 error

500 : Internal Server Error

please resolve this problem

In which format you are downloading?
Try to download in .ipynb format.

I want to download in pdf form

I want to download in pdf formin pdf form

First yoy have to install nb-convertor:

Installation — nbconvert 6.1.1.dev0 documentation.

Than you can download it in pdf form through Latex.

pip install nbconvert

SyntaxError: invalid syntax
how to solve this problem

This is not a python code.

You can either run this as command in your terminal or with ! in your notebook (!pip ...).

!pip install nbconvert
‘!pip’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.
my terminal show above problem

I’ve written “or” in my post for a reason.

You either use it as a terminal command (without “!)
Or inside a notebook (with “!)

I have done all above process but this download note book problem is not solve

500 : Internal Server Error

The error was: