Incorrect Link updated for assignment 1

I just found one problem with my assignment 1 submission
I went to see if evaluation is completed, but i found i have submitted link to binder notebook rather than jovian
i understand deadline has past, but you can see my submission was on time

is it possible if i can retrieve the code from binder? or can you consider my submission if i make it by today EOD??

please I am working on Pandas assignment, I don’t wish to loose all my work due to silly mistake.
Looking forward for response,
Thank you

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If the assignment has been graded, you will see an email from the administrators.

Good evening sir.
I just found one problem with my assignment 1
I checked my evaluation of both the assignment so assignment 2 is passed but 1st assignment remark is failed due to incompletion I saw my assignment today that by mistake I submitted a blank assignment. So again, I submitted my assignment with all answer can you consider my submission. I am doing a course project I request you to consider my submission.
Thank You