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what is data training ?

It is a concept used in machine and deep learning. It is like when you have a set of data. You want to build a neural network. You will need to use part of your dataset for training your neural network to get better prediction. The Network will learn through this data. This mean the data will be taught to the network by giving each data with its correct label or name. After the training process. The Network is smarter and can give better guess of a given data. Guess means here the prediction of the label of a given data. This last process is called testing the data.

Normally the whole dataset is divided from the beginning into training data and testing data.
Training data to make your network smarter.
Testing data to see how good is your trained network, and also to see if it needs more enhancement.

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Is data training and testing is a part of data science

It is part of Machine Learning & Deep Learning. However, Data Science is the basic knowledge required to get into these two fields.

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