Installation of Jovian Library

!pip install jovian --upgrade --quiet

Tried running above in Jupyter Lab… not working should I try in Terminal

Are you using kaggle?

Additionally, evaluate_test_cases() in built function not working for me…
SS Image Uploaded:

Link of code I wrote in Jupyter Lab cell:

No I am using Jupyter Lab…

If you got to the point where this line throws an error then the installation/upgrade of jovian has been successful.

I think you try to evaluate a single test case with a list of test cases. There are two functions, with similar names: evaluate_test_case and evaluate_test_cases (with a “s” at the end).

NameError Traceback (most recent call last)
129 #evaluate_test_case(locate_card, test1)
130 #Not Working -
–> 131 evaluate_test_cases(locate_card, tests)

NameError: name ‘evaluate_test_cases’ is not defined

evaluate_test_case is working tho… it was taking a little bit time tho

Because you didn’t import the evaluate_test_cases function.

okay now I see thank you boss