Insufficient number of numpy function calls

Why am I seeing this message time and again? {“message”: “Insufficient number of numpy function calls”, “function_calls”: {“array”: 12, “concatenate”: 1, “sort”: 3, “shape”: 1, “divide”: 1, “add”: 1, “multiply”: 1, “power”: 1, “exp”: 1, “exp2”: 1, “log10”: 1, “sin”: 1, “cos”: 1, “where”: 2, “searchsorted”: 1, “frompyfunc”: 1, “frompyfunc()”: 1}}

Could anyone please help me what is wrong with the NumPy functions here?


Hi Anup,
While your notebook is really well written, it does not match the criteria mentioned in the assignment problem statement, which is why it seems to have failed the automated evaluation.

The evaluation criteria is as a follows:

  • Pick 5 specific numpy functions (e.g. np.array, np.concatenate, np.sort, np.add, np.multiply)
  • Show two working examples for each of the functions
  • Show one failing example for each of the functions (if you can’t find a failing example, show a 3rd working example).

The response you’re seeing in the submission shows you a count of each function. In your current submission, you have too many functions but too few usages. Please revise your notebook according to the above criteria and make another submission.