Issues with plotting graphs using plotly

Hello all,

I am facing a bit of Issue, when i am using jupyter notebook, i am able to view and visualize the 3D plot which is been done with plotly,
After saving it then i tried to watch it from my jovian link profile, here i am unable to visualize at all, even the plot is not been able to watch, and that cell’s output is blank.
In this concern, let me know if anybody can

Regards, Abubakkar Siddique


Same problem. Please help!!

Same issue. To be honest I am sick of fixing it, if I fail the course I fail the course. I cant be bother doing it the tenth time.

I don’t understand. Did you guys save the file with jovian.commit()? This doesn’t seem to be happening to me and the only problem I have is that the uploaded csv file doesn’t save so I have to upload everytime.

Yes, at beginning itself I have given
jovian.commit(file = ‘my_file.csv’)
It got saved, whenever I ran the project it shows me the output

The problems is that for me, it never shows up in the next version so I have to upload it again.

Then do it your project completely, at final version try to give
jovian.commit(file = ‘file_name.csv’)

Remember while submitting the final version

I had the same problem. And finally, I fixed it.

from plotly.offline import init_notebook_mode
init_notebook_mode (connected = True)

After adding these lines to the code part you wrote to import the libraries, the graphics will now appear in

Thank you,
But, @sidujjain, member from this community have resolved long back to this issue.

Anyways thanks for these lines, i will check for it :v: