Jovian Swag Pack Giveaway 🔥 | Submit Your Blogs and Notebooks | Week 2 | August 2021

Week 2 | August 2021

Hi there :wave:

We are hosting a Weekly Giveaway on the Forum, the rules are simple, share your best notebook or blog post related to Data Science, we will pick 3 top submissions at the end of the week, feature them on our social media pages, official newsletter, and the top notebook/blog shall receive Jovian Swag Pack :gift:

The winners will be announced every Friday at 9:00 PM :tada:

Reply with your notebook and blog links here!

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:chocolate_bar: CHOCOLATE BAR RECIPE TREND ANALYSIS (2006-2020)


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ML Project PUBG Win% Prediction

Above is the link to my Hashnode blog in which I have discussed various machine learning systems. I hope you find it interesting. Fingers crossed for that cool swagpack.

I have attached the github link of my notebook.

Every Index based Operation you’ll ever need in Pytorch | by Parth Batra | Emulation Nerd | Medium

13.6K Views on Medium

Kaggle advanced house prediction competition solution:-
Colab link:-

Competition link:-
House Prices - Advanced Regression Techniques | Kaggle

My analysis on “Netflix Movies and TV Shows”. Its my very first analysis done in my career. Long way to go. Here is the link to the Analysis or notebook.

Please feel free to provide suggestions and feedbacks :slight_smile:

mugdha-bajpai/netflix-movies-tvshows-analysis - Jovian.

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Really Enjoyed going through it…
The Questions and Visualisation was pretty insightful…
Maybe a more Visualisation could’ve been better but it was not necessary
Also the questions were quite repetitive but didn’t fail to convey the meaning and purpose…
Overall The Project was…

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Thanks sir, it’s really great and sweet of you to go through my work…I will take your point and work towards it in my future works.

Thanks once again :slightly_smiling_face:

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Short Web Scraping Project: Scraping Hotel List from
bhupeshchandrawanshi/web-scraping-project-scraping-hotel-list - Jovian

Hi, this is my course project on Bluebook for Bulldozers which involves prediction of Sale price. I have discussed two regression techniques RandomForest and LightGBM Regressor with their hyperparameter tuning using cross validation techniques like RandomizedSearchCV and GridSearchCV.

Any suggestions and feedback is appreciated. Please do check it out!!

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Deep Learning Project: Prediction of fruits with accuracy 98.5%.