Jovian Swag Pack Giveaway 🔥 | Submit Your Blogs and Notebooks | Week 2 | June 2021

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We are hosting a Weekly Giveaway on the Forum, the rules are simple, share your best notebook or blog post related to Data Science, we will pick 10 top submissions at the end of the week, feature them on our social media pages, official newsletter, and send you a Jovian Swag Pack :gift:

The winners will be announced every Friday at 9:00 PM :tada:

Reply with your notebook and blog links on the thread below! :point_down:

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Exploratory Data Analysis on Video Games Sales across the World :earth_asia::earth_africa::earth_asia:
YouTube Link:

Also written the Blog post article on this Project,
Link is:


Classify Interactively and Create your own WebApp.

See your classifications Real Time. Be the Boss of Classification. Improvise and learn more.

What do you require -

  1. Streamlit
  2. Pyngrok
  3. Basic Data Science Skill
  4. Knowledge of Coding and Python
  5. Frequent visits to Documentations.

Here’s Your Link to the Notebook

This Procedure is uncommon and many of you might find difficulty in running the Web App successfully. So, here’s my LinkedIn handle. If you are in doubt feel free to connect. Will surely help you out.

Happy Learning All


Hello there, check out my notebook on five commonly used NUMPY operations, with few examples and detailed explanation. Do check it out. Keep coding and learning :slight_smile:

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Here we go :grin:

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My submission!

[rahul-netizen/zerotopandas-course-project-animal-shelter-eda - Jovian 2](https://rahul-netizen/zerotopandas-course-project-animal-shelter-eda - Jovian 2)

Hi, everyone, this is my medium profile,Here I have written some blog post on my favorite topics, please go through it

My blog post on Five Interesting PyTorch functions

Generative Adversarial Network(GAN)

I have explained GAN by creating a model which generates images of handwritten digits similar to those from the MNIST database.

I try to show how much math, we can do with numpy library.

Here is my notebook for the contest

Here is My Notebook:

My Blog link:

Hello Everyone,
Please checkout my notebook and the blog post mentioned below

Link of the jupyter notebook -

Link of the blog post -

How to develop an end to end Machine Learning Project-

I hope someone find this useful :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank you


Hi there
Check out my notebook on the classification of fruits images using pytorch

I hope u find it interesting!

Do check it out. Keep coding and learning :slight_smile:

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Hello Everyone…!
My blog post on BigQuery…
Here we go…

Exploratory Data Analysis of Google Play Store Apps

Notebook Link :

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