Jovian Swag Pack Giveaway ⚡ | Submit Your Blogs and Notebooks | Week 3 | June 2021

Week 3 | June 2021

Hi there :wave:

We are hosting a Weekly Giveaway on the Forum, the rules are simple, share your best notebook or blog post related to Data Science, we will pick 5 top submissions at the end of the week, feature them on our social media pages, official newsletter, and send you a Jovian Swag Pack :gift:

The winners will be announced every Friday at 9:00 PM :tada:

Reply with your notebook and blog links here!

Glass Classification using Neural Networks | LinkedIn

Check out my notebook

Here is my submission!

Data Analysis with Indian Premier League (IPL)
Exploratory Data Analysis - Sports

Data Analysis on Effects on Students life during Covid-19

5 Numpy Array Manipulation function that we must Know

My Exploratory Data Analysis on Google Play Store Apps:

check out my notebook

Exploratory-Data-Analysis-Retail Store:
Check out to see the visualizations using :
-gg plot

Sorry for the delay guys, we will be announcing the winner this Friday and keep it going every week from now :partying_face:

There will be only one winner per week but if you have already posted on this thread we will consider your submission for the coming weeks too.

Thanks for your participation!