Jupyter notebook Binder

I run the jupyter notebook on Binder. But this is not saving the changes made in the notebook. It means that exercise code is not being saved in this jupyter notebook when it is run on Binder. If anyone knows how to resolve this please let me know.

Hey, binder is an online free cloud service, so it has some limits on its usage. i.e the notebook will automatically shutdown after 15-20 minutes of inactivity. I recommend you to import the jovian library and use jovian.commit() to commit your notebook in Jovian Platform and save an instance of your notebook in your jovian profile, this way you will not loose your notebook. If you want to run the notebook again, you can do so from the notebook instance in your profile.

My Binder notebook is not responding properly. It’s not showing output like bargraph, histographs. Please let me know how to solve this issue.

You are using plotly(px) for the graphs, right? I am guessing this is a plotly version issue, I will comment back in this thread when we get a fix for this issue.