Jupyter Notebook

Hello @aakashns,

The course of Zero to Pandas is really educative and informative to learn. I learned a lot from this course and also like working and practising on Jupyter notebook.

I have a query though and I have approached you for the same.

The installation of Jupyter notebook locally on the computer.

  1. As per the steps provided by you is the installation related to Jovian - Jupyter environment or are we installing Jupyter on the local machine? Because the steps show its related to the course and associated notebooks.

  2. If yes, then kindly help provide a method where one can install Jupyter on the local machine and use it for daily coding.

  3. I did research about multiple videos from Edureka and others on YouTube but a little dicey whether to install locally or continue using the Jovian ML platform for Jupyter and not fall into the hassle of installation.

Kindly shed some light on this topic and also if possible make a small video tutorial on Jovian ML page on YouTube regarding Jupyter Notebook (It will be really helpful).

Awaiting your response.

I tried to explain in the best simplest manner, for any further questions I will keep checking the thread on this forum.