Kaggle notebook problem

I’m not able to run jovian on kaggle… and that pip.install thing is too confusing…How do I do run jovian on kaggle.

pip install jovian --upgrade

Please turn on internet access from the sidebar.

uploading the csv file that i am going to use in the project but never finish uploading. what can be wrong? note: not from kaggle, from my own computer

Done i did it

There is a problem in downloading dataset from Kaggle now, while the same thing was working previously around 3-4 days back. What to do?

When entering:

# Change this
dataset_url = 'https://www.kaggle.com/rohanrao/air-quality-data-in-india/city_day'

Now it is asking for kaggle credentials: Like kaggle name and key
Even I opened an account in Kaggle but not able to get rid off this problem.