Late birds to live trainings

This is a great platform, Thanks to Jovian and Aakash for their service to humanity, I wish to suggest that the training be made continuous. Example Data Analysis with Python is a six weeks project which would have given other members that know about it lately the privilege to go through the course and have the certificate like those that had the opportunity to have the training life.

Hey, Thanks for your positive feedback, we’re delighted to know that you loved our courses.
Sorry, I didn’t understand your suggestion, could you please elaborate.
Thanks & Happy Learning

Though the training is no more live, yet the program is gaining more popularity. I think it will be a thing of motivation if people can still follow through and get certified despite de fact that the program is ended last year.

Hey, the courses are in the self-paced mode, i.e anyone can take the course anytime they want and get a certificate if they get a passing grade in all the assignments.