Latest Dataset of 40+ million tweets of COVID19 chatter

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Due to the relevance of the COVID-19 global pandemic, Panacea Lab is releasing the dataset of tweets acquired from the Twitter Stream related to COVID-19 chatter. The first 9 weeks of data (from January 1st, 2020 to March 11th, 2020) contain very low tweet counts as they filtered other data they were collecting for other research purposes, however, one can see the dramatic increase as the awareness for the virus spread. Dedicated data gathering started from March 11th yielding over 4 million tweets a day.

The data collected from the stream captures all languages, but the higher prevalence are: English, Spanish, and French. They have released all tweets and retweets on the full dataset, and a cleaned version with no retweets. There are several practical reasons for us to leave the retweets, tracing important tweets and their dissemination is one of them. For NLP tasks they provide the top 1000 frequent terms, the top 1000 bigrams, and the top 1000 trigrams.

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Hey Everyone, if someone wants a bigger tweet dataset than this regarding COVID-19. I have it do let me know if you want to do something interesting on it.