Lecture 1&2 Notebooks

Hi Dear Support Team,

There have been several modification/addition to the original Notebook during each lecture.
Where can we find the modified notebooks for each Lecture containing all the corrections and additions.

Thank you.

Hello, some changes are very minor which were done to give more idea about the section. If any modification is necessary for any notebook that will be updated in the lecture notebook on the lecture page itself.
If you have certain modifications you need/facing problem with. Let us know.
Thank You.

Thank you Birajde.
I make sure to apply the minor modifications.

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Hi I encountered a problem with opening colab with my google account, I tried Safari and Chrome. There is no error message, rather return back to the page of sign in google where ask for permission for jovian.ai access to my Google account. Any suggestion to run colab with google account? thank you

Hey, Can you try to delete your Colab Integration from Jovian Profile?
Steps to Delete Integration.

  • Go to jovian.ai and log in to your profile.
  • Click on your username(Top right corner of the page)
  • Click and Settings and go to Integrations
  • Press the Delete Integration button on Google Drive and retry opening your notebook using Colab.