Lecture 1 - Introduction to Programming with Python

Didn’t ask API key ?
Screenshot from 2022-02-23 11-03-09

If you already used it, then it might be saved already so you don’t have to paste it over and over.

Maybe things have got updated now, when using binder, it doesn’t ask for an API key.
It does on Colab though.

Hello, greetings from Colombia. I just started this coruse.

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How much time it will take to complete the data science course

its not an error its showing that you need to restart the kernel.

i think this is right @kitsune-kayou

sr m first tym ye sikh rahi hu so muje thora basic se sikha de

Hii,i waana to know how the errors can be fixed in python…

What errors are you facing?

who is here Give me like

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dataset_url = ‘https://www.kaggle.com/tunguz/us-elections-dataset’ this data set how to read

I can try any bug in this data. i can not be submition my project help akaash …

pip install and ugrade mathod very use full

minimum 6 month to 11 months requred

Is the error in downloading the dataset?
There seems to be some error with Kaggle in downloading the dataset, you might have to download them locally and use that.

Ques. 05 a. Calculate the total number of tweets

I used this to calculate the total number of tweets but I didn’t get desired result
number_of_tweets = len (tweets)

Its saying tweet isn’t defined but tweet list is already provided in the assignment.
Please help me out . Thanks in advance

Post the code snippet or screenshot or link the code cell, maybe there some type error or something

image for me its showing this on binder

Is there something wrong with what it’s displaying?

Hello everyone,

I have just started learning data science/analytics.
it’s going good.

thank you for course sir…