Lecture 5 - Data Visualization with Matplotlib and Seaborn

how we add a csv file present locally in my PC

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you have to import pandas as pd for reading the csv file as pd.read_csv(“file name”)
try this it will help.

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i mean how to read it on binder?

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If we get a graph, can we create a dataframe/csv from graph ?

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binder is a plateform or the service provider to run your jupyter notebook , but as the explained method is the only way to get read your csv file. (locally) or you can do the use of
flowers_df = sns.load_dataset(“iris”)
which load the data as shown in the notebook.
hope this will help.

You will have to upload it first.

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I don’t think there are straight forward way for this. Since graphs are images it is definitely not possible, probably you can get the values from that plot object.

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If we want to show graph or bin to horizontal line or along X-axis?

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like this How can this happen?

Check out orient argument in seaborn and orientation in matplotlib

this will help for sure :sweat_smile:

I didn’t got what is ‘variation’ in Bar chart? (line above the bar)

variation means changes between bars. this means that how two bar or plots vari from each other.

Variation means that How two bars or plots vari from each other.
Variation means changes between two bar.

If I want to use my Jupyter notebook for presentation, how can I hide code cells and keep only visualization/graphs? … write a blog using real dataset.

I think there is an option on toggle bar. jupyter

this option seems like scissors or cut.

anaconda3\envs\rstudio\lib\site-packages\seaborn_decorators.py:43: FutureWarning: Pass the following variables as keyword args: x, y. From version 0.12, the only valid positional argument will be data, and passing other arguments without an explicit keyword will result in an error or misinterpretation.

Can anyone say why I am getting this Warning?