Lesson 1 - Linear Regression with Scikit Learn

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Topics Covered:

  • Preparing data for machine learning
  • Linear regression with multiple features
  • Generating predictions and evaluating models

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I have a question. I’d greatly appreciate an answer. How different is this course from Zero to GANS in terms of what the student will have become capable of doing after completing the course?

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Hey @biraj-aryal, welcome to the community and welcome to the course.
This course is on Machine Learning, while Zero to GANS was on Deep Learning. You can think of Deep Learning as the next step after learning Machine Learning, but at the end of the day basics are important.
To know more about Machine Learning and Deep Learning follow the link below.

Do check the course FAQ page to get more details on the course.

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Hi, I see that in the notebook (python-sklearn-linear-regressin.ipynb) we do a pip install of pandas (via !pip install pandas --quiet). Is this necessary? In my experience colab doesn’t need pandas to be installed and it should already be able to run “import pandas as pd” on its own.

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Please include the csv file, the github repository mentioned does not have a file named medical.csv, and the raw data is not getting downloaded.

No, it is not necessary

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Thank you. Curious as to why they did it though.

hi, i have now on my first lesson. and is the task would be do all the setups such as jupypter after this class?

and may I know how long is this class>? is 2 hr or 4 hrs per weekend?

Hey, Welcome to the course, we have one class per which is 2hrs long. Yes, you can do all the setup and run the code after the class is over you can just focus on the lecture for now.

ah ok. thank you. i was going little clueless as to whats going on. i was thinking it as interactive.
ok fine.

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I’m not able to see any graph when I’m executing the code

The code can be run anywhere so it is just for assurance, you can comment the cell out if Pandas is already installed in your environment.

What do we have to submit and where do I have to submit my assignment?

Information on assignments and how to submit them will be shared in later lectures.

Here’s a link to the CSV file:


Guessing it is a library version issue, see if this fixes the issue, Plotly plots are blank on mybinder startup? - #5 by drscotthawley - repo help - Jupyter Community Forum

You can also run the code in google colab instead of binder, probably the graphs will be visible on google colab.

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Try running the cell, that should show up the graphs.

In the repository, it is named insurance.csv

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for those students who are fresher and they have not so hand in python so if they complete the course with little late. is that ok with the certification and the course.

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