Loading saved versions in Jovian for running binders

Hello, I’m new to Jovian and would like to clarify something. Every time I open the latest version of the notebook and run from Binder, it looks like I need to run all previous lines of code AGAIN as it does not seem to recognize some of the previously run code. I see that my work is saved but seeing that I need to re-run data frames again. Wondering if I’m doing something wrong?

BTW - I really commend Aakash and Jovian team for all your outstanding efforts and hard work in getting together the material, lectures and everything. THANK YOU!!

Are you running the notebook from the lecture page?

I click Run from the lecture page

Yes, every time you run or re-run the notebook from your profile, you need to run every cell once more because the notebook saved on your profile is just the screenshot and when you re-run the notebook you need to redefine the variables by running every cell again.