Logistic Regression Model- Doubt with weights

Hi there!
I am just a noob in this field and I would like to ask that in logistic regression model why do we take the transpose of the weights? Is it only because we defined weights as a 2x3 tensor.Say if we defined our weight matrix to be a 3x2, then is the transpose necessary?

Searched the net for a bit, and there are some apparent answers:

  1. It’s just sort of the unspoken rule, and every implementation seems to follow it (most likely to make it possible to use learned weights between different frameworks).
  2. Transposing the second matrix helps with data locality on CPU (avoid cache misses etc).
  3. Transposing in forward is easier to do than in backpropagation (not sure about this, matrix transpose is actually easy to perform).

I think the second answer makes the most sense, since matrix multiplication is a bit complex (implementing it from scratch in basic form requires three fors). I guess if it’s possible to gain any performance, then it’s good idea to do it.

I think with such small matrices it doesn’t matter. But it’s done like this because of answer 1 :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey! Sorry for the late reply but yeah thanks! :slight_smile: