Maps not showing on Jovian notebook page as outputs

I’m trying to get maps to show on the Jovian notebook page on my profile, but the outputted maps never appear.

Using ipyleaflet, the output generates only a string containing information about the map, and using folium map, the output only shows a white space where the map should be displayed and sometimes shows the message " Make this Notebook Trusted to load map: File -> Trust Notebook", but I already did that.

Short example:

another example from my whole project using ipyleaflet:

@anderson-fm, we have fixed issues with Folium rendering.

ipyleaflet rendering still seems to be broken. Can you share a screenshot of how ipyleaflet map is rendered in the Jupyter notebook?

Edit: Thank you so much for fixing the Folium rendering problem!
The map looks like this. It’s an interactive map that I’m able to zoom in and out and drag.

And this is how it looks inside the notebook: