Math equation not rendered properly while presenting

See the cell aahnik/my-first-jovian-book - Jovian (math eqn rendered properly)

See the presentation Present - aahnik/my-first-jovian-book - Jovian (raw latex displayed, not rendered)

Hey @aahnik, welcome to the forum.
Latex is used to write the formulas in the markdown cells, basically what you are seeing in the Presentation is the raw text for writing mathematical formulas in markdown cells. If you use any presentation/documentation software that accepts Markdowns and Latex you won’t see the raw latex.

PS: I will convey this to the team and let you know if there’s a workaround for this.

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Correctly rendered in the notebook.

But when I click on “Present” the notebook, the slideshow pages does not render correctly.

As Jovian renders it correctly in one place, it is my guess that there is a small bug (or something missing) in the other place.

Thanks for your attention. And thanks a lot to the all creators of jovian. It is so great.

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I get it now, you were talking about the present option on Jovian.
Thanks for reporting the issue, it will be fixed soon by the team. Also, thanks for the kind words.
Happy Learning

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Hey @aahnik, it’s been fixed now, you can check here: Present - aahnik/my-first-jovian-book - Jovian

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Thank you so much :heart:

Jovian rocks!

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