Networking Postdoctoral Fellow @ Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Role: Networking Postdoctoral Fellow

Company: Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Location: Berkeley, CA

Required Technical and Professional Expertise:
• Ph.D. in related fields (Computer Science, Any Engineering Discipline such as Electronic and Controls, Mathematics).

• Very strong analytical background in networking research algorithms, e.g., experience with designing controllers.

• Strong analytical background in machine learning algorithms, e.g., experience with deep learning analysis and programming libraries.

• Prior experience or demonstrated desire (e.g., papers) in networking and optimizing engineering problems.

• Extremely high aptitude and desire for programming and building software infrastructure; object-oriented programming, machine learning libraries. The preferred language of experience is Python, but flexible to be extended to Matlab or other machine learning coding experiences.

• Demonstrated ability (e.g., Github profile) to contribute to a large software framework.

• Excellent communication skills that facilitate interdisciplinary work with multiple collaborators.

• Strong publication history.

• Demonstrated history working with machine learning libraries such as TensorFlow, Keras, or Scikit-learn.