Not able to run the assignment 2 notebook on colab


I have duplicated the notebook in my jovian profile and then I click on Run and then Run on Colab. After that it’s redirecting me to google page, I select my gmail id and give jovian access to the colab but again it’s redirecting me to the same google page. I am not able to open the notebook in google colab.

I tried another way by downloading the notebook and uploading to google colab and running but then I am getting this error => I

[jovian] Detected Colab notebook…

[jovian] Error: jovian.commit doesn’t work on Colab unless the notebook was created and executed from Jovian. Make sure to run the first code cell at the top after executing from Jovian. Alternatively, you can download this notebook and upload it manually to Jovian. Learn more: Run notebooks online — Jovian docs

Hi @vishalmishra2k20 ,

Please do these steps:

Let me know if this works.

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Thank you @sidujjain Its working now.

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